The Action Works

Browning Hi-Power

Customization Packages

Basic Street Package


  • Trigger job
  • Reliability Package
  • Novak or Heinie sights
  • Re-blue slide in satin blue

Tactical Package


  • All the items in the Street Package, plus:
  • Add tritium inserts to sights
  • Bevel magazine well
  • C&S Commander-style hammer
  • C&S barstock sear
  • Stipple front grip surface
  • Stipple rear grip surface
  • Smooth-out Package (de-horn)
  • Crown barrel
  • Re-blue entire gun in satin blue
  • Test fire and sight in

The Whole 9 Yards


  • All the items in the Street & Tactical Packages, plus:
  • KKM match barrel
  • Flatten & serrate top of slide
  • Garthwaite straight wide trigger
  • Trigger take-up & overtravel modification
  • Weld up frame, re-machine to slide & lap in
  • Blend rear of slide + frame & straighten all lines
  • Fit VZ grips to gun

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